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Join Us in Chinatown for National Night Out Against Crime (8/1/23)

Business Reminders

Restrictions on Providing Utensils, Condiments, Napkins and Containers

Effective July 31, 2023, New York City food service establishments* providing take-out and delivery service must comply with these restrictions:

  • Do not provide utensils, condiment packets, napkins, or extra containers to take-out or delivery customers, unless requested by the customer.
  • Your online ordering and delivery apps must be set to a default of not providing these items. You must provide customers with the option to request these items only if you offer them.
  • Delivery and courier services may not provide these items unless such items are requested by the customer.

*NOTE: These restrictions do not apply to self-serve stations inside a food service establishment.

Enforcement - These restrictions are effective July 31, 2023; there will be a warning period through June 30, 2024.

Food Businesses MUST Comply with New Rule to Fight Rats

As of August 1, 2023, ALL food-related businesses in NYC must use rigid containers with secure lids when setting out trash for collection.

Who is affected

The new rule impacts ALL food-related businesses. This includes catering establishments, food manufacturers, food preparation establishments, food service establishments, food wholesalers, and retail food stores. Restaurants, grocery stores, delis, bodegas, caterers, and other businesses that sell or handle food MUST comply.

What material is impacted

Any putrescible material — refuse or organic material — set out on the curb for collection MUST be in a container with a SECURE LID. The requirement does not apply to other recyclables (metal, glass, plastic, or paper) or to businesses that have waste collected from a loading dock.

This rule does not require the separation of trash and organics, only the use of containers for collection. However, some businesses are required to separate their organic waste. If your business meets the minimum requirements, you must comply with the NYC Commercial Organics Rules. Find out if commercial organics requirements apply to you.

When to set out

In accordance with recent setout rules, businesses that place waste on the curb have two options:

  • Place waste at the curb 1 hour before closing, OR
  • After 8:00 PM. If placing out after 8:00 PM, recyclables do not need to be in a container.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

地點:8 月 3 日星期四, Kimlau Square

NYC DOT 將以普通話和廣東話舉辦面對面研討會,討論 Frankfort St. 和 Worth St. 之間 Park Row 的短期和長期優先事項,以及升級和擴大 Kimlau Square 公共空間的潛在機會。

请致电 212-839-6210 或通过电子邮箱 ManhattanBC@dot.nyc.gov 与 Manhattan 区专员办公室联系。