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Raffle Contest Continues Until March 15
From now until March 15, come Show Some Love for Chinatown! Dine, Shop & Support our local merchants and be entered in a raffle for great prizes including an Apple iPhone X, jewelry and Fuji INSTAX Mini Camera.

Visit our Chinatown Information Kiosk (Baxter & Canal Streets) to redeem your receipt for a raffle entry, and to also leave love notes to be displayed on our bulletin board and display screen.

Rules of Entry

  1. Purchase a meal, item, or service of at least $10 from any business within the Chinatown BID service area during the raffle contest period from February 14 to March 15, 2020.
  2. Obtain a receipt that clearly indicates the business name and the amount paid.
  3. Present each receipt (of at least $10) at the Chinatown Information Kiosk during operating hours (10am to 5pm) in exchange for one raffle ticket entry. Please fill out your name, phone number and email address so that you can be contacted on March 16, 2020 if you are a raffle prize winner.
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Soup dumplings, noodle soup, stir fries, and fresh whole steamed fish are in abundance in this historic neighborhood, and not only are they some of the city’s best, they’re also highly affordable.
Former SBS Commissioner Rob Walsh discusses coronavirus anxiety and how to curb it on this edition of The Bottom Line For Small Business

新冠狀病毒肺炎疫情的蔓延之勢也加深了各地民眾對於該疾病的恐懼,更令許多華裔社區的商業受到衝擊。為了響應華埠商改區發起的「讓愛灑滿華埠(Show Some Love in Chinatown)」行動,曼哈頓區長高步邁及辦公室人員14日來到華埠進行美食之旅,前往多個餐廳用餐,希望用實際行動呼籲民眾不必過於恐慌,可以安心光顧華人社區的商家。

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer supports Chinatown by dining with staff.

新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情引發的恐慌讓華社小商家生意,甚至發生針對華裔的歧視、仇恨事件;猶太裔公共事務委員會(Jewish Council for Public Affairs)和猶太裔社區關係委員會(Jewish Community Relations Council)部分成員,16日來到曼哈頓華埠一間酒樓吃午餐,表達對華人社區和商家的支持,呼籲民眾不要因恐慌而歧視華裔。

JCPA and JCRC supports Chinatown by dining with members.
NYS Plastic Bag Ban and NYC Paper Bag Fee

As of March 1, 2020, single use plastic carryout bags are banned in New York State, with a few exemptions. Additionally, New York City will enact a five-cent fee on paper carryout bags, which will also take effect on March 1, 2020. The fee does not apply to exempt bags or customers using SNAP or WIC.

紐約州禁塑令將於3月1日(周日)正式生效,超市、零售店等將不得再向顧客提供一次性購物塑膠袋;然而,州環保廳(State Department of Environmental Conservation)日前表示,許多小商家可能沒有足夠時間做準備,為顧客提供紙袋作為替代,正在考慮為零售業者實行一定程度的寬限期,允許禁令生效後繼續用完現有塑膠袋存貨。

位於曼哈頓華埠東百老匯的且林士果圖書館(Chatham Square Library),日前在門口張貼公告,提醒民眾該圖書館將從即日起至29日(周六)進行內部維修,預計將於3月2日(周一)重新開放。

去年紐約市單車騎士死亡數達到自1999年以來新高,為了增加單車騎士安全,並美化環境,由市交通局(DOT)規畫的護欄美化計畫(Barrier Beautification Plan),目前已經邀請多個藝術家在全市的41處作畫,透過視覺的變化提高騎士的注意力以減少意外發生,其中位於曼哈頓華埠的柏路(Park Row)單車道,也成為藝術家畫布,鮮豔的顏色為該處帶來生氣。
由於對新冠肺炎疫情的恐慌,一些紐約市的計程車與網約車拒載華裔,甚至不願前往華裔聚集地載客;市計程車暨禮車管理局(Taxi and Limousine Commission,簡稱TLC)18日起展開宣傳活動,鼓勵乘客舉報那些因乘客族裔或目的地而有歧視行為的計程車、電召車司機。

日前有報導稱,有計程車司機表示,因新冠肺炎的疫情,令自己不願搭載華裔乘客,「因為我害怕,不想被傳染」;還有司機則稱,甚至不願前往甘迺迪機場(JFK)接送客人,擔心被感染;市長白思豪(Bill de Blasio)和TLC隨後都在社交媒體發聲,稱絕不容許此類歧視行為存在。

From gas leaks and fires, to major hurricanes, flooding, and blackouts, NYC business owners face many challenges that can impact your operations and assets. The Department of Small Business Services (SBS) is here to help guide you through the start of a business continuity plan.

For over 40 years, Chen Dance Center has been dedicated to serving the Asian-American and dance communities through arts education. Until the building is restored, all classes and programming will continue at other locations.
Donate to Annual Disability Pride NYC Parade 2020
Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Help carry on this annual tradition and support the disability community by making a tax-deductible contribution. Please make checks payable to Disability Pride NYC, Inc , and mail to 484 West 43rd Street, Suite 24-S, New York, NY 10036. Donations can also be made through the DPNYC website,
2020 Census Coming Soon
Because so much is at stake, it's critical that New Yorkers stand up and be counted in the 2020 Census. In the 2010 Census, the city’s self-response rate was less than 62%, compared to the national average of 76%.

We need every New Yorker to get involved to ensure that their community is counted!

2020 Census is coming (Cantonese)
2020 Census is coming (Mandarin)