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Chinatown Partnership, led by Wellington Chen, was formed in 2006 as new start-up from grounds up to bring residents, business owners and community groups together to rebuild Chinatown following 9/11, and to preserve the neighborhood's unique culture while ensuring its vitality in the future through strategic positioning. With the highly popular Weekend Walks street festive series, Mid-Autumn Festival, One Day in NYC, annual Beautification/Earth Day, East West Parade with Little Italy, Double Valentine’s Day to promote the softer side of Chinatown and the Jewelry District and all the cafes, eateries in the area. Explore Chinatown marketing initiative, Lunar Stages outdoor film screenings, and Taste of Chinatown street events, Chinatown Partnership helps promote the area as a special destination to live, work, and visit.

In the last 2 plus years Chinatown Partnership has been working with the Chinatown Business Improvement District to engage the community and lead efforts to improve the neighborhood’s physical environment through the Clean Streets initiative, streetscape improvements, enhanced lighting gateways, and wayfinding projects such as the NYC Dept. of Transportation's WalkNYC. During Superstorm Sandy and other storms the two organizations in conjunction with other elected officials use our office as the Superstorm Relief and Coordination Center during the blackout and afterwards with private fundraising, language translation, etc. Just like the 2010 joint workshop with Red Cross folks from all boroughs came in to attend the emergency workshops and to obtain several red Go bags. These are just a small sampling of what type of initiatives and groundwork that have prepared.

Note: to help explain what has been done the Chinatown Partnership/Chinatown BID have provided copies of their annual report from the last few years. Guests are welcome to subscribe to their popular newsletter with several thousand subscribers as well as their account.

See our most recent independent audited financial statement.


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Chinatown Partnership Fundraising Dinner Honorees



Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association – Civic Leader


New York Chinese American Bankers Association – Business Leader


Verizon – Corporation of the Year

Verizon 電話公司 

May W. and Bong Y. Yu, Yuco Management Inc.  – Community Leader

余邦彥先生夫人,   (宇閣地產發展管理公司)

Dr. Nelson Ying – Community Leader




Manhattan Borough President, Scott M. Stringer – Civic Leader


Dr. Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor of the City University of New York – Civic Leader


Donald Chu, President & CEO of Tronex – Corporation of the Year

朱庆亮先生- Tronex 公司总裁兼首席执行官

Kam Man Supermarket, Wellman Wu, President – Business Leader


Confucius/Mannings Pharmacies, Peter Lau R.PH. & Anne Kong – Business Leader


Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS), Dr. Wilson Ko, President – Community Leader


Chinese American Independent Practice Association (CAIPA), Dr. George Liu, President – Community Leader


New York Chinese School – Community Leader with Special Recognition




American Legion Lt. B.R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 – Special Community Leadership Recognition


First American International Bank – Corporation of the Year


Jewish Community Relations Council – Community Leader


Patricia Wang, CEO & President of Healthfirst – Business Leader

王珮錦律師 - 第一保健總裁兼首席執行官

Patrick Ng, President of Po Wing Hong – Civic Leader

吳寶淳先生 - 寶榮行食品公司總裁

Alex Ling, Pioneer of the Business Improvement District Self-Help Movement – Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award

林亞力先生 - 商業改進區先鋒



Cathay Bank – Pin Tai, Executive VP, Corporation of the Year

國泰銀行 - 戴斌執行副總裁, 金融企業橋樑獎

Celestial Love Foundation, Inc. – Amy Mak Chan, Chairperson, Community Leader: Humanitarian Award,

華人善終基金會 - 陳麥潔明董事長, 社區樂善領袖獎

Hung Chi Foundation - York Kue Chan, Chairman, Civic Leader,

 弘志教育基金會 - 陳玉駒主席, 培護育苗貢獻獎

Hon. Margaret S. Chin – Councilmember District 1, Distinguished Historic Trailblazer Award,

陳倩雯市議員 - 曼哈頓第一區市議員, 華裔歷史先鋒獎

Nancy L. Luk – Broadway Chinatown Realty, Business Leader,

陸李麗貞女士–Broadway Chinatown Realty, 房地產業精英獎

Kenny Yum – Fukien American Benevolent Association, Business Leader,

任積龍先生 - 美國福建同鄉會名譽主席, 僑社領袖貢獻獎



HSBC Bank USA. N.A. – Corporation of the Year

匯豐銀行 - 金融企業橋樑獎

Mrs. Lai Wah Fung – Humanitarian Award

馮黎超庸女士 - 社區樂善領袖獎

Hon. Sheldon Silver, NYS Assembly Speaker – Civic Leader

紐約州眾議長肅華 - 領導政界貢獻獎

Mr. Jack Eng – Community Leader

伍權碩先生 - 僑社領袖貢獻獎

Council for Cleaner Chinatown – Historic Trailblazer Award

清潔華埠協會 - 美化華埠先鋒獎

Wonton Food, Inc.  –  Business Leader

云吞食品公司 - 商業橋樑服務獎



Dr. Matthew Goldstein – Chancellor, City University of NY, Outstanding Education Leadership Award

歌德斯廷博士-纽约市立大学总监, 教育學術領袖獎

Dr. Louise Mirrer – President and CEO, New-York Historical Society, Historic Leadership Award

雷美莉博士 - 紐約歷史協會總裁兼首席執行官,歷史文化領導獎

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, U.S. NE Region – Civic Leader, Humanitarian Award

慈濟基金會 - 社區樂善領袖獎

Kiwanis Club of Chinatown – Community Leader, Humanitarian Award

華埠同濟會 - 社區樂善領袖獎

Mr. Louis Miu – Miu & Co., CPA, Business Leader Award

繆國禮會計師 - 商業精英獎


Hon. Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President – Civic Leader Award


Mr. York K. Chan – Community Leadership Award


Dr. Wilson Ko, Past President, Chinese American Medical Society – Community Leader Award


Mr. James B. Milliken - Chancellor, City University of New York – Education Leadership Award


Rev. Raymond Nobiletti, Pastor of the Transfiguration Church and School – Civic Leader Award


Mr. Harvard Tang, President, On Leong Chinese Merchant Association – Business Leader Award



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