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Whether Beauty Walk; Bridge Walk; Fashion Walk or
Mid-Autumn Weekend Walks they are all happening in Chinatown.  Come on down!


NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) - With the opening of One World Trade Center, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the shopping mall at the Oculus PATH station, and the Fulton Street station, Lower Manhattan is bustling with new business and residential living.

By   Elie

Don't expect to see many cars on Doyers Street for the next month. In the interim, the so-called "Bloody Angle" will be sealed to traffic during daytime hours to allow for temporary public space. A pedestrian plaza.

"Community leaders and officials with the city's Parks Department gathered in the drizzle at Seward Park today to celebrate the completion of new basketball courts at Seward Park".

Good day to come to Chinatown. Thanks to @NYPD5Pct there is plenty of parking on Mott.

Labor Day doesn't mean your stomach stops working. #dimsum #chinatown #chinatownnyc#joyluckpalace #mottstreet

By Elie

Mourning Lam Zhou was apparently a bit hasty.
You'll recall that the beloved Chinatown noodle house departed 144 East Broadway in August after its lease expired. It was news that weighed heavy in the foodie circles, and obits were published all over the web.

Eating along the N line: Chinatown's tastiest treats, from 'lava' cake to scallion rolls

The most impressive thing about the sprawling Tai Pan Bakery, which opened on Canal St.'s busiest stretch in 1993, isn't the crowds it efficiently serves every day, or its vast selection of Hong Kong style sweets, savory buns, scallion rolls, pastries and layer cakes, most under $2.

By  李碩

根據警方消息,1日下午4時15分,就讀於紐約市立大學拉瓜地亞社區學院(LaGuardia Community College)二年級的雷小姐,在曼哈頓華埠擺也街(Bayard St.)榮華餅家購物結帳後,將錢包放回咖啡色的後背包內,但未把拉鏈拉好,付完錢後就發現錢包不翼而飛,錢包中的十幾元現金、學生證和身分證都一起丟失。雷女士隨即前往轄區五分局報案。

By  顏星悅


亞裔嫌鐵鎖砸頭 華男遇劫重傷
By 李碩

警方表示,該名19歲的華男24日下午3時20分左右在華埠格蘭街(Grand St.)和亞倫街(Allen St.)的交叉口東南角等公車,歹徒趁其不備,突然從後面用鐵鎖重擊華男的頭部,華男當場倒地,血流不止。歹徒趁受害者倒地時將其背包搶走,包內現金和筆電全部丟失。受害人報警後,市警七分局立即趕到現場,將受害人送往表維醫院(Bellevue Hospital)進行傷口包扎,目前受害人已出院。

奶茶店遇笨賊...小費盒被拔 未損分毫
By  陳小寧

一名非洲裔男子日前闖進曼哈頓華埠喜士打街(Hester St.)一家華人奶茶店,企圖盜竊透明小費盒中的錢,誰知店主早已將小費盒牢牢黏在桌上,盜賊硬拔兩次,最後搶走空盒,盒內的錢卻都掉在地上,未損分毫。

By   Ed Lin

Chinatown, even for many Chinese-Americans, has become a bit of a necessary evil. So-and-so is in town and they want to have dim sum, have to have dim sum. It takes forever for your group of twenty to individually trickle into the restaurant lobby and then you all starve as you wait for a table to open up. Once you're seated, you overeat and load up on so many carbs your stomach has become a weapon of mass digestion. You stagger out of the restaurant in a food coma, clutching leftovers.

Prime Parking Spaces for People, Not Cars

Repurposed parking spots, like this one on Pitkin Avenue in Brownsville, Brooklyn, have created more open space in New York. From left, Nina Adams-Johnson 60, Patricia Roberson, 54, Blessed Harvey, 12, and Skylar Phillips, 13, enjoyed a meal in the "parklet" on Tuesday.CreditDamon Winter/The New York Times

Lights, camera, action! ���� Detective Chinatown 2 filming today on Bayard and Elizabeth Street #chinatownnyc #MadeInNYC
Why don't Chinese international students and ABCs interact more, considering they may share a similar heritage or cultural identity? Chinese-American students & their peers on exchange from China weigh in with their thoughts.
To recognize and promote the role of Chinese Americans in the dialogue of filmmaking and culture, CACAGNY is pleased to launch the CACAGNY Mid-Autumn Film Festival.  Films screenings will be accompanied by discussions with filmmakers and historians over September 30-October 1, 2017 in Chinatown, New York, NY.
Grand opening #HouseSpecial @ 171 Hester Street #Chinatown #ChinatownNYC Southern Chinese Cuisine
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