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A Cleaner Chinatown

 New York’s Chinatown is famous for its cultural vibrancy. Tourists and locals flock to the neighborhood for its shopping, restaurants and culture while thousands of others simply call Chinatown home.  A common complaint has been the abundance of litter accumulating along the streets. Chinatown Partnership has made cleaning the streets of Chinatown one of its primary goals.

 We are asking businesses, non-profit organizations, community and civic groups to sponsor one (or more) of the 48 new, solid steel litter baskets.  Sponsorship demonstrates commitment to Chinatown while enhancing your company’s visibility and image.


·    Sponsor can have company name and logo imprinted on a custom decal across the solid steel rim surrounding the top of the basket. If space permits, company website and slogan may also be included.

·    Sponsor’s name on this website and supporter credit.

·    Sponsor may be able to select the location of its basket(s) (subject to Dept of Sanitation approval and space availability).

·    Sponsors publicly demonstrate their commitment to Chinatown.

 Sponsor-A-Basket Sponsorship Rates*

 Business/Corporate Sponsor                                       $2,000/basket*

Clean Street Champions (10 or more baskets)           $1,000/basket*

Non-profit/Community Organization Sponsor            $1,000/basket*


Sponsorship covers the costs of trash bag liners, maintenance, cleaning and emptying of the baskets. No maintenance is required on your part as we do all the dirty work.

* Sponsorships are for 2 years from the date a Sponsor’s name is placed on the basket.  Sponsor has the option to renew for an additional 2 years.


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